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The answer is actually not what we have been thinking, when a director of "Avengers: Infinity War" explains that Thor came not to ...

Director explains why Thor did not finish Thanos right away in "Infinity War"

The answer is actually not what we have been thinking, when a director of "Avengers: Infinity War" explains that Thor came not to finish Thanos but because of his emotions rather than his reasons.

If you have already watched Avengers: Infinity War, you would be so surprised with the end of the movie when Thor appeared.

In particular, Thor could actually killed Thanos and finished him with one more hit on head, to finish all the problems right before Thanos could activate 6 infinity stones and terminate half of the universe. But instead, Thor targeted the axe into Thano's chest. Therefore, Thanos said "You should have targetted into my head" and then, he flicked his fingers to destroy a half universe. A lot of audience realized this and considered it as a plothole other than Thanos's statement is just a makeup.

Thor with Groot and Rabbit at Wakanda
The real answer is that: If Thor hits right on Thanos's head, he is finished, why will you have to make another episode 4? Appearently, this is the most reasonable answer, but perhaps it is the most crap thing. Therefore, Joe Russo, one of two directors of Infinity War has to come out to explain with more reasonable answers:

Thor hit Thanos's chest because of the revenge rather than wanting him to die in pains

Joe Russo - one of two directors of Infinity War

Joe Russo said: "I know that fans are really upset with Thor because he only hit on Thanos's chest instead of head. Thor did it because he came to revenge. If he came to kill Thanos, then the flick off would never happen."

One scene in Avengers: Infinity War
As we all know, Thor is a god. He has lived for 1500 years, through a lot of up and downs. He has also become more mature through 3 episodes of Avengers. But, he is still affected by emotions, and it's emotion that overwhelmed him in the most decisive moment. Simply because he saw Thanos killed the civilians, friends and his younger brother Loki with his own naked eyes.

At that moment, Thor put emotions over reasons, hit on Thanos's chest as the way of revenge from bottom to higher. If you pay enough attention, you would see Thor hitting Thanos's chest with so much hatred. His purpose is not to let Thanos die quickly, he must die slowly in pains so that he would understand Thor's pains that he had suffered. It's a pity that Thor did not care about the consequence after that.
After that flick off, the universe is destroyed not like before
Joe Russo himself said that if everyone put themselves into Thor's place, they would understand him. At that moment, he just wanted to revenge for his family, not to save the world. However, everything's is finished now. We don't know what Thor think after indirectly help Thanos destroy this universe.

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