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Hi every one, as you know, many of us (including me) feel really sorry (and disappointed) when young intelligent Anakin felt lost and walked...

Why Young Anakin Skywalker Became Lord Vader?

Hi every one, as you know, many of us (including me) feel really sorry (and disappointed) when young intelligent Anakin felt lost and walked into the Dark side. I think we have to analyze the reasons why he had become like that.

From young age, he already had his own fears. The fears about his mother. He had so many that he had nightmares so often every night. The fear is about the death. And when he returned to save his mother. It was too late, and his mother died in his arm when he rescued her. Then, the fear became the truth. This even made him fear more about the death of his relatives. But maybe he ignored the fears because right after that, he met and fall in love with Padme. Perhaps, he forgot the fears. However, the fear of the death once again haunted him. This time, the fear of Padme's death. After he heard Padme tell that she was pregnant. The nightmares once again came in the dreams every night. It is the fears that make young Anakin fall into the dark side. While he was nervous and feared about the death of Padme, Palpatine use the sweet words to persuade young Anakin become a Sith. And he managed to do it well.

A Young Anakin who desired to prove himself had obstacles to become a Master in Jedi Council. I think this is also a factor which led him into the dark side. The Council did not trust Anakin when he was so close with the Prime Minister Palpatine. Therefore, in main campaigns, they did not assign young Anakin as a leader, but Master Obi-wan Kenobi instead. Young Anakin was jealous with his own master.

Well I think, he became Vader because of his weak mentality. He was mentally weak so that's why he had nightmares so often. That's is also the reasons why he was easily persuaded by Palpatine with his sweet words about the ability to be immortality. Anakin did not have his own strong ego.

He loved his mum and Padme so much that he did not want to lose them. That's why he had fears of their deaths. But that's life. People/human can not avoid the death. Accept it. He did not want to accept the truth and want to find an other way to keep them along side with him. This is it. He fell into the dark side and became Darth Vader. He couldnot keep his mom and Padme his love either.

And What about you? What's your opinion?

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